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Dangers of a competition based education system

Competition is a natural occurrence, but to give everyone a fair shot at making it in life; it has to be eliminated from our education systems. It is true to say that not all students are created equal when it comes to studies comprehension, but ranking them based on a single performance module is wrong and misleading.

To prosper, every education system should focus on each student’s strength, allow them to study what they like, and give them the opportunity to succeed in something that they like. The dangers of a competition-based education system might not be obvious but are noticeable if you take the time to evaluate it. This article will take a brief look at some of these dangers, and hopefully create awareness on the matter.

Disadvantages of competition-based education

Unnecessary pressure on students

lksnalvknasdknvlksandlvknsadvsadvWith this kind of education system, students are forced to compete with their fellow students, focusing more on what they can remember, rather than teaching practical skills. For instance, both schools and parents are more interested in what a student scores in a math test, rather than what practical skills they have. Based on the best performance, the students are ranked placing unnecessary pressure on those that do not perform well. These poor performers are under constant pressure to do better, losing their focus on their interests.

Neglects personal interests

As hinted on the above section, competition makes students lose focus on what they like, and spend most of their time learning something they have no interest in just to keep up with their fellow students and please their parents or school. It is well known that even the worst performing student, is very good at something that the best performing student cannot do. For instance, the student that is poor in class work can play sports better that the best student in class.

Encourages drop out

With a competition based education system, the students are on a constant quest to perform better, and when things don’t work out, most of them drop out. This system of education focuses on ranking more than giving the students practical knowledge that can be used to make their lives easier.

Encourages discrimination

In this type of education system, you are easily discriminated if you do not perform well in class. Also, in some cases, when a student performs very well, they are discriminated by other students, creating a harsh social environment for them.

Choosing a school for your kids

Education is the foundation of civilization and self-development, hence why everyone should attend school. If you are a parent, then you want your kids to go to the best schools. It is crucial to make sure that you take your time to understand the need for education, and most importantly, what environment is suitable for your kids to learn in. In this article, we will take a brief look at what should be considered when selecting the best school for your children.

Selecting a school for your kids


The first thing that you want to make sure of is that your school is near to where you live. This is very important as it makes it easier for you to take the kids to school and pick them up after they are done. If need be, they can also walk home. Having a school nearby is crucial to the security and convenience of your children.

Student population

The school’s student population should also be considered. A healthy school community will allow for easy socialization, something that is necessary for every kid. This way, they can make friends, and naturally nurture their socialization skills. Also, when a school is too populated, it might be hard to share the resources available. Therefore, avoid taking your children to schools that are too populated.

Teacher to student ratio

The teacher to student ratio is very important. This is the maximum number of students that a teacher can handle in a single class. The recommended number is 15 to one, but a maximum of 40 students per teacher is reasonable. This will allow a teacher to monitor every student, and help every one of them learn better.

Games and extracurricular education

Most schools focus on class work and much less on sports and extracurricular education. What such schools fail to comprehend is that all Class Education, Sports, and, extracurricular like arts, are all equally important and should be given the same priority. Make sure that the school you choose as a field for the kids to play, and various art programs to help your kids grow their interests and talent. It would also be good if you take a look at how the school measure the learning progress of your child. As much as possible, avoid one that practices a competition based system.


A good school should have a well-stocked library. A library is important because it allows the students to do their extra studies and create an environment that encourages learning.

These are some of the factors that you should consider when selecting a school for your kids. To ensure that you give your kids a bright future, make sure to invest in their education.